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Big vision

The Big Picture

What is our bold vision?

To ensure that Canberra is recognised globally as a “clever, connected and creative city” fuelled by excellence in research, innovation and entrepreneurship, delivering a diversified economy, social impact, a vibrant creative sector and wealth creation.

What guides our actions?

To connect innovative businesses and entrepreneurs to what they need to succeed, to promote their success, and to accelerate innovation in the ACT using both tested and experimental approaches. To achieve this we will:


CBRIN will connect innovative businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs to what they need to succeed and grow both nationally and internationally; encourage collaboration across the Innovation Ecosystem to achieve critical mass.


CBRIN will showcase innovative ACT based businesses and start-ups; provide a voice for innovation and entrepreneurship in the ACT; provide evidence based input to policy


CBRIN will experiment, develop and deliver new services to accelerate innovation across the Innovation Ecosystem across the ACT where strategic gaps are identified.

What are we actually going to do?

Entrepreneurship and High Growth Start-Ups


  • Connect Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Students & Youth to programs, events expertise and support at CBRIN, Foundation Members & ACT Ecosystem
  • Deliver the Inspiring Australia Contract
  • Support Entry29 and GRIFFIN Accelerator
  • Grow the KILN Incubator
  • Connect to like minded activity and organisations, and support the Innovation Community Forum
  • Promote ACT based innovation and entrepreneurship


  • 150 Entry29 co-working members, across 50 companies
  •  7 accelerated companies
  • 3 incubating companies
  • 1 new research based company
  • $ invested in start-ups in ACT outlined
  • Collaborative activity with at least one similar organisation.

Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs)



  • 100 SMEs Self-Assessed
  • 10 Reviews in SME Growth Program
  • 10 SME’s engaged in Collaborative Innovation Labs
  • Database of Case Studies
  • SME internship program co-developed with Foundation Members

Large Organisations and MNCs


  • Connect with large organisations and MNCs
  • Engage Large Organisations in Entrepreneurial Support Programs
  • Be the collective voice of innovation in the ACT
  • Deliver Collaborative Innovation Lab activities


  • 1 new multi-year corporate partnership
  • $150K in new private money attracted
  • 3 Large Enterprises connected via Collaborative Innovation Lab
  • ACT Government seeking input from CBRIN on 2+ topics

Social Impact Enterprises


  • Build partnerships and collaborations for program development
  • Connect social impact start-ups to Ecosystem, Foundation Members & the Collaborative Innovation Lab
  • Partner to support existing Social Service Providers
  • Promote Social Innovation in the ACT


  • $50K of Support for Social Innovation Program
  • 5 Social Impact Ideas supported
  • 2 Social Impact Start-Ups Setup

Under Represented Groups


  • Develop programs for Indigenous entrepreneurs
  • Seek financial support for Indigenous entrepreneurs
  • Support Entrepreneurship for people with a disability
  • Support Women Entrepreneurs and Innovators
  • Promote innovation in Under Represented Groups


  • 1 New High Impact Ventures led by a: Disabled Person(s) | Indigenous Founder(s) | Female Founder(s)

Organisations with Innovation Challenges


  • Provide thought leadership on procurement
  • Delivers “Innovation Hero” Program
  • Connect ACT Government with leaders in procurement approaches
  • Encourage Innovation in Commonwealth Procurement
  • Collaborate with ACT Government to Design Innovative Procurement Process and Panel


  • World leading procurement process design and piloted in the ACT
  • $10M of innovation contracts supported through CBRIN activity

What would we ideally like to see happen?

Excellence: we always aim to excel in the provision of services

Openness: we base our program delivery on Open Innovation principles, focussing on win-win outcomes, being inclusive and open in our activity

Collaboration: we adhere to collaborative approaches, look for ideas from a broad range of stakeholders, and collaborate, support and partner with others working in the innovation space

Experimentation: we try new ways to engage and deliver services, recognising that not all will succeed but striving for optimal outcomes

Learning & Sharing: we are committed to learning and sharing – we want to continually deepen and broaden our knowledge by learning from the best in the world, from each other and from our community

Doing & Measuring: we learn how to do things by doing them, and measuring outcomes. We better connect practice with policy by strengthening feedback mechanisms back to government agencies and policy makers as well as to our own programs

Teamwork: We work as a team, valuing each others input and expertise, both inside CBRIN and in the broader community. We seek to develop ourselves and each other, to grow as individuals and as an agile, effective team.