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Business In Canberra

Canberra offers a range of opportunities and viable markets to businesses looking to expand into a city, which as the nation’s capital, boasts ready connections to both State and Federal Governments, along with some of the nation’s top tertiary research and education institutions. Already strong connections between Canberra’s academic, business, government, entrepreneurial and innovative communities have been furthered in recent times. Canberra’s tertiary education and research institutions have refined and streamlined the path from academia to business for a variety of innovation arising from Canberra’s capable populace.

The ACT State Government has supported innovation in Canberra through the provision of grants and funding to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and the business community has been increasingly incorporated into the city’s burgeoning innovation ecosystem.

Business In Canberra

 Business Leadership In Canberra

Canberra’s leaders are increasingly figuring in Canberra’s burgeoning innovation ecosystem, leading the way for entrepreneurship and innovation by providing support, mentorship and investment for entrepreneurs and innovations. Some business leaders have joined programs such as the Griffin Accelerator program as mentors, leading to thoroughly considered programs and private support structures built on seasoned, real life experience and business acumen.

Some of these business leaders include: Griffin AcceleratorKILN Incubator, Canberra Business Chamber and Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre.

The CBR Innovation Network (CBRIN) also runs an Indigenous Business Support Program to support Indigenous Australians in business, entrepreneurship and innovation. Within the program CBRIN has a range of initiatives, services and events aimed at increasing the participation of Indigenous peoples, with a keen eye to consultations with Indigenous communities to inform the practices and approaches employed.