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Entrepreneurs in Canberra are quickly finding themselves part of both a knowledge economy and a burgeoning innovation ecosystem. Entrepreneurs can now interact with services and organisations which are considered commonplace and requisite in innovation hubs or clusters the world over. For instance Canberra’s entrepreneurs can now find co-working facilities, Accelerator programs, Incubators and Maker’s Spaces within the convenient distances of Canberra’s locality. Density is a critical component in creating a world class innovation eco-system, Canberra is collectively making great strides in creating a fertile environment for entrepreneurial and innovative initiatives, endeavours and support structures.

CBRIN provides overarching connectivity between these elements of Canberra’s innovation eco-system, helping to create an easily accessible, dense and responsive innovation ecosystem.


Canberra Entrepreneurs Journey

Canberra Entrepreneurs

Come and meet other Canberra Entrepreneurs, Inventors and Investors at our First Wednesday Connect events!  The events regularly attract bright, innovative students, startup founders, businesses looking to grow and investors, and this is an great opportunity for all of them and more to connect locally. Our vision is connecting Canberra’s innovative businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs to what they need to succeed and grow both nationally and internationally; encouraging collaboration across the Innovation Ecosystem to achieve critical mass.