FatigueHACK: Innovate / Save Lives

The Challenge

Falling asleep at the wheel of a truck can be fatal. Fatal for the truck driver and other people around them.

The current system that tells drivers how long to drive for and when to take breaks – simply isn’t working. Drivers are not robots – they are human and fatigue is a human state. A biological condition. Yet we manage driver fatigue by counting hours and minutes and do not consider the individual.

Even in the midst of a technological revolution truck drivers are bound by law to carry and fill out a paper work diary. This offers no way to recognise that fatigue manifests differently for different individuals, with different health status and in different contexts and conditions.

Fatigue laws are hard to understand and there are complex conditions around when and for how long drivers must take rest breaks. A minute over and they face a $600 fine.

The Australian trucking industry generates $40 billion in revenue and employs over 195,000 people. There is a nationally significant and vital industry out there ready and waiting for an answer to this problem.

“FatigueHACK was a great experience which provided exposure to the problems facing an industry. Getting to work with other innovators and mentors to create a viable business model around addressing problems in an industry is a great opportunity.” – FatigueHack Participant.

The Teams

Augmented Intelligence

Medical grade heart rate monitor to detect future fatigue timelines.


Real-time Dynamic Route Scheduling System & In-cab Mobile App


Wearable wristband monitors driver alertness and predicts future fatigue levels over time.

CIT Transformers

Mobile application to connect drivers in need of rest with a network of un-official rest areas.


3 part integrated system to reduce delays, find more rest areas and improve driver sleep.


Speech-based  fatigue indicator utilising Artificial Intelligence .


ATA Lead initiative to support total driver health and raise community awareness.

Team Comags

Using data to drive improvements across the chain of responsibility.