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Frances Crimmins – Executive Director, YWCA Canberra

Why is innovation important to you?
Innovation has the potential to progress gender equality and reduce the gender pay gap. With equal access to opportunities and the jobs of the future, women will be able to better engage in leadership opportunities and increase their economic participation.

What drives you to make a difference?
I am driven by a commitment to social justice, underpinned by the knowledge that gender equality benefits everyone. No one country can say that they’ve got there, even Australia has a long way to go to address gender inequity.

Do you have any advice for getting more women into the innovation ecosystem?
It’s crucial to support women by having visible female role models and a diversity of pathways into leadership. It’s important to make visible those women who are trailblazers to show the way. Employers and large organisations have power in this area, to recognise women and create pipelines. It’s not just a government responsibility.