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One of the biggest issues facing the hospitality industry, is that people want their orders in the most efficient manner. However, sometimes managers don’t have the time to constantly make sure their team is completing tasks and reaching goals. Most fast food restaurants are accustomed to using paper checklists, where there is a lack of responsibility and motivation to complete tasks. How can managers actively track performance and motivate their team, in the limited time that they have?

StakTask takes this out of the equation, streamlining the process and allowing managers to maximise the performance of the team. Essentially, they provide a trackable digital checklist, seeing what has been completed by their team, in real-time. An iPad in the kitchen can allow team members to update checklists and check communications from the manager, in a timely and efficient manner.

Founded in Canberra, in 2015, the StakOne team led by Founder Raj Mann, felt inspired to build products that would help inspire and motivate people to achieve more. While he was working at a fast food restaurant in Canberra, he realised that there was a need for an innovative solution to the issue of restaurant management. Driven by practical results and guided by extensive market research, StakOne created StakTask in hopes of creating a more productive and efficient team environment at fast food restaurants.

“Every day, when I got to work, I got frustrated to see conflicts between staff members about who has to complete which tasks” Raj Mann, Founder of StakOne

StakTask allows for managers, to schedule daily checklists, regulate food safety requirements, review the performance of their team and introduce some healthy competition via a leader board. Managers can now, remotely check in on their team, saving time, money and paper (digitising paper checklists). This will allow time for managers to complete more important and time-consuming tasks, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the business as a whole.

Supported by the GRIFFIN Accelerator and the Kiln Incubator, StakTask was able to gamify the entire process, in an intelligent and remotely-operated concept. Now, with over 1 million tasks tracked by StakTask, they are definitely on route, to improving and streamlining the overall performance of restaurants across Australia and the globe.

“Provided great daily feedback on who was doing the most tasks on time… Showing where efficiency was lacking and where it was being most productive” Jono Lake, Regional Manager for Zambrero

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