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Inventors and makers

Canberra’s inventors have historically made fantastic, innovative contributions to fields as disperse as technology, medicine, construction services, solar power technologies, wireless computing technologies and forensic investigation. Having ready access to the knowledge centres of five of Australia’s leading tertiary research and education institutions, Canberra has long been in a position to lead innovation and invention in Australia.

Canberra’s inventors and makers are now supported through both initiatives to facilitate the passage of inventions through our tertiary research and education institutions, a proliferation of support structures for start-ups and entrepreneurs and the city’s burgeoning innovation ecosystem. As Canberra obtains density in its innovation ecosystem, the mark of premier innovation hubs and clusters the world over, maker’s spaces are arising to cater to those needing to prototype.

Now invention and the act of making is no longer the sole domain of the garden shed, as CBRIN, and other organisations throughout Canberra, now boast their own Maker’s Spaces. These spaces provide quick, rapid design and prototyping services, allowing for the quick, cheap and efficient refinement of designs before mass manufacture.