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Leaving the public service

Canberra’s main employer is the Public Service, like any large employer, the Public Service has a turnover of staff who leave to pursue other opportunities. Increasingly more ex-public servants are choosing to move into entrepreneurship, utilising their prior experience to establish viable and considered start-ups and businesses. Canberra’s public servants, those transitioning into entrepreneurship, have recently found sage advice in Life without Lanyards: from public servant to entrepreneur, a book written by Canberran ex-public servant-cum-successful entrepreneur, Matt Fenwick. CBRIN is also offering sage advice to Canberra’s public servants, both those currently employed by government and those who have already transitioned into entrepreneurship.

Previously CBRIN has funded the Public Sector Launch Pad (PSLP) program, delivered by the Entry 29 co-working space, the program helped public servants transition into entrepreneurship. Canberra’s public servants are readily invited to interact with CBRIN and to take full advantage of the services and referrals to other service providers it offers.