Join a co-working space

This is a co-working space for entrepreneurs and startups who are interested in being surrounded by a passionate, supported and connected community.

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Talk to us about your innovative business idea

Coaching that empowers entrepreneurs by setting challenges to advance their skills, focusing on refining value proposition and developing the right prototype.

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GRIFFIN Accelerator

Find investors to help your startup grow

Three months of intensive mentoring and $25,000 from successful entrepreneurs to help ambitious startups raise angel investment and get on a high growth path.

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The Mill House

Make social impact with your startup

An intensive business advisory and investment program for ventures trading for social, cultural, economic or environmental purpose.

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KILN Incubator

Get support to scale up your business

An in-depth program that supports early stage technology startups as well as high growth innovative SMEs to raise capital and scale-up into national and global markets.


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Experts in Residence

Get free expert business advice

Work with selected strategic and professional advisors to help answer a range of business questions.

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SME Growth Program

Accelerate your business growth

For access to expert business support and foundation member capabilities, participate in a program designed to help established SMEs identify and execute opportunities to grow a business rapidly.

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Collaborative Innovation Lab

Activate collaboration by solving problems together

Identify, develop and facilitate opportunities by bringing together local businesses to solve innovation challenges.

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Inspiring the ACT

Help foster STEM and entrepreneurship

This is a national program that helps build connections between scientists, organisations, businesses and students to foster public participation in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

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Get your creative project out in the public

This crowd voting platform is a starting point for people from creative backgrounds to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, helping them engage with the economy in a meaningful and rewarding way.

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STEM Sells

Encourage young women in STEM

An after school program that hosts a series of fun and engaging workshops dedicated to inspire young women into pursuing their interests in STEM and entrepreneurship.

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Find your next superstar employee

Connecting university students with internship opportunities in innovative startups, SMEs and larger organisations.

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Turn your innovation into impact.