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Collaborative Innovation Lab

Bringing businesses together to solve innovation challenges

The Collaborative Innovation Lab (CIL) is designed to identify, develop and facilitate collaborative opportunities for Canberra Business. The goal of the CIL is to encourage more intense intra-industry communication, collaboration and linkages. The CIL Program will be focused on results not activity. The program has been designed based on research of similar programs internationally. Department of Industry historically provided a facilitation service to develop collaborative opportunities, with success around the country in areas such as mining and resources.


  • Introduce companies and organisations to each other in structured and focused way to create opportunities for Canberra businesses to establish robust internal productive relationships
  • Encourage exchange and sharing of experience and information to generate better understanding and deeper knowledge of opportunities in local, national and international markets
  • Initiate development of integrated and collaborative solutions designed to target the identified opportunities and to be offered in national and global markets
  • Generate intra- and inter- industry commercial partnerships and alliances strengthening the competitive potential and capacity of local economy
  • Identify cross-cutting issues for regional cooperation, smart specialisation and best practice to develop CBR specific competitive advantage
  • Develop and test Canberra specific methods of collaboration to improve international competitiveness.

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