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Stir is a platform that helps people with backgrounds in the arts, crafts, design and humanities to engage with entrepreneurship.

We provide a simple set of online tools that guide you through the process of transforming your passions into a project proposal, venture concept or exciting new career path!

Each year, Stir offers a number of $500 and $1000 grants to people who have uploaded their projects to our platform. Grant recipients are chosen through public voting, promoting and connecting the next generation of creative entrepreneurs with the local innovation community

Stir has provided the starting point in the entrepreneurial journey of over 140 young creatives from areas as diverse as music, food, games, events, education and philosophy. Thanks to our sponsors and supporters, we have delivered close to $45000 dollars’ worth of grants.

If you are a creative looking to engage with entrepreneurship, or an organisation looking to increase the participation of creative disciplines in the Australian entrepreneurship ecosystem, get involved and Cause a Stir!

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