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Students and young people

Providing opportunities to students and youth – the next generation of innovation leaders – is a really important part of growing Canberra’s innovation ecosytem.

Youth are increasingly accommodated within Canberra’s innovation ecosystem through the provision of services, knowledge, workshops, initiatives and a ready access to programs and the key players within the ecosystem.

What is the innovation ecosystem and how can it help students and youth in Canberra?

The innovation ecosystem is a collection of all the people, businesses, support groups, trainers and sponsors that are there to help grow and diversify the ACT Economy. See theMap. Youth are a core focus, as they are the future. There is a great diversity of Resources and Programs for Students and youth listed on this page.

What role do Canberra’s five tertiary research institutions play?

The tertiary institutions are a great way for students and youth to further develop their skills, and form a great pathway into entrepreneurship and starting their own business. They are world class institutions that provide a core element to the education arm of the ecosystem. The Foundation Members of CBR Innovation Network are the Australian National University, the University of Canberra, UNSW Canberra, NICTACSIRO and Data61.

What initiatives are available to students and youth not connected with a tertiary institution?

There is a range of great programs and initiatives for youth, right down to 10 years olds. 10-17 year olds can learn to code, receiving $1,000 microgrants from the STIR program, and access programs to help in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) through Inspiring the ACT.