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Success stories

Alix O’Hara – Mashblox

  Alix O’Hara is the inventor, founder and CEO of Mashblox, an infant feeding aid that harnesses children’s natural instincts to play with their food and explore the world through their mouth, into something both less messy and more hygienic. She’s recently partnered with University of Canberra to research mashblox benefits to fussy eating and…

larry 2
Larry Brandy – Aboriginal Story Teller

Larry is an Aboriginal story teller, catering largely to preschools and primary schools in the ACT region. Larry is a proud Wiradjuri man from Condobolin, central NSW, who enjoys introducing school children to his culture and involving them in his interactive presentations.

Vivien Mitchell – Solar Bare

Vivien is the Owner and Designer of Solar Bare, a business that manufacturers fashionable sun-wear, in particular ‘fashvests’ a Solar Bare trademarked term for, essentially, fashionable swimwear rash vests. Vivien has made fantastic strides with her business, utilising her design skills to produce engaging swim wear pieces  since participating in the second GRIFFIN Accelerator program….

Mitch Harmer – SignOnSite

Mitch is CEO and Co-Founder of SignOnSite. SignOnSite is a business that helps construction companies manage safety through monitoring the movement of employees and personnel through construction sites. SignOnSite has generated amazing successes of late, since participating in this year’s GRIFFIN Accelerator program. Watch the video below to learn more about SignOnSite and their exciting…

quizling 2
Damien Trask and Dion Oxley – Quizling

Damien Trask, CEO and Co-Founder, and Dion Oxley, COO of Quizling. Quizling is an integrated education technology platform that allows people in the education sector to engage with each other. Quizling were past participants in the first GRIFFIN Acceleratorprogram and have since made great strides in refining their product and producing engaging content for students. Watch…

Kid Technic

Kid Technic is a fantastic business that introduces children, 8 to 13 years old, to robotics and engineering. Kid Technic is made up of young entrepreneurs in a rapidly growing area. Kid Technic is so cool that its young entrepreneurs even teach school teachers how to teach robotics and offer team building exercises to the…

Sebastian Harrison and Nick Harrison – OZGuild

Sebastian Harrison, CEO and Nick Harrison, CEO and CTO are brothers and co-founders of OZGuild, a business which helps Magic: The Gathering players, and businesses selling the game’s cards, to create digital catalogues of their collections. Magic: The Gathering has some twelve million players worldwide and ten thousand stores which sell the game’s products. OZGuild participated…

Allyssa Jessica Sabbatucci and Charli Ervin – myBUZZ App

Allyssa Jessica Sabbatucci, CEO and Co-Founder, Marketing & Customer Engagement, myBUZZ App and Charli Ervin, COO and Co-founder, myBUZZ App myBUZZ App is founded and run by two female entrepreneurs, Allyssa and Charli; myBUZZ Appaddresses the consumer pain of frustrating interactions with inefficient and dated hospitality industry order notification systems. Allyssa and Charli had previously…

Mark Reed – Interferex

Mark is the CEO and Founder of Interferex Interferex develops software to manage wireless access points, using a cloud based system which negates the need to continually visit physical sites. Interferex focuses on a niche industry pain, seeking to excel while not trying to overreach, which is a considered application of the paradigms of start-ups…

simon 2
Simon Gemmell – TKBT

Simon is the Technical Director and Founder of TKBT, a business which aims to change the way in which legal documents are written. TKBT uses an integrated development environment, this allows the business’s software to pass suggestions on to legal professionals, in real time, as they construct technical documents. TKBT are a member of Entry29….

Enabled Employment – Jessica May, CEO

Jessica is the CEO of Enabled Employment, a disability employment service provider. Jessica herself, and all the staff of Enabled Employment identify as disabled, this leads to a thoroughly considered, tactful approach to the provision of services to those with disabilities. Enabled Employment were participants in the first GRIFFIN Accelerator program and are a member…

Tailored Accounts
Tailored Accounts

Tailored Accounts is an innovative accounting firm, which began in Canberra, that is leading the way in bringing accounting services into the burgeoning sharing economy. Tailored Accounts provides cloud-based back office accounting and bookkeeping services to over 150 small and medium businesses across Canberra and interstates. You can find out more about Tailored Accounts via…

Julie Okley – Dilkara Essence of Australia

Julie is the Owner and CEO of Dilkara Essence of Australia. Julie has recently participated in the GRIFFIN Accelerator <link> program, working from CBRIN to further her business, with the support and tutelage of the GRIFFIN Accelerator program’s mentors. Watch the video below to learn more about Julie’s experiences and about Dilkara Essence of Australia.

dion 2
Dion Devow – Darkie’s Design

Dion owns Darkie’s Design, which began as a clothing design business, but has now expanded into sportswear, print and promotional products. The name, Darkies Designs, is a direct reclamation of the term and a positive affirmation of Dion’s heritage. Listen to Dion as he chats about his business and the benefits of doing business in…

Erica Hediger – The Creative Element

CBR Innovation Network Maker’s Space Erica Hediger runs The Creative Element, a business which engages and educates the next generation in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics).  Watch the video above to find out how Erica achieves this!

Rob de Castella – Deeks Health Foods

Rob is Director, and Co-founder of Deeks Health Foods. Deeks Health Foods has expanded since initially opening in one location in the suburb of Pearce, the business has since opened another café in the suburb of Dickson and opened a main production facility in the suburb of Fyshwick. Deeks Health Foods participated in the CBR…