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Alix O’Hara – Mashblox



Alix O’Hara is the inventor, founder and CEO of Mashblox, an infant feeding aid that harnesses children’s natural instincts to play with their food and explore the world through their mouth, into something both less messy and more hygienic.

She’s recently partnered with University of Canberra to research mashblox benefits to fussy eating and obesity in children under four, and is working with several local childcare services.
Different mashblox designs are also being researched for their benefits to nutrition in aged care, and as an assistive technology to disabilities that create difficulty eating.

She discovered CBRIN through their fantastic weekend Innovation ACT program (IACT) in 2015, and entered Griffin Accelerator 2016 from there. The ongoing support of CBRIN and the Canberra innovation ecosystem has been instrumental to Mashblox’s growth, development and success.

Please email Alix directly if you would like to find out more about Mashblox: