Lean Innovation Workshops

Learn and practice essential innovation skillsConnect

Are you building a startup company or considering launching a startup? Are you in charge of innovation in an established business or corporation?

Work with other like-minded entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to master the practical art of lean innovation. These workshops enable people to progress fast without consuming a lot of resources.

Customer Validation

You will learn in practice how to formulate a customer value proposition using customer-problem-solution logic.  Practice customer interviews to test and gain customer insight. Practice the pitch method and learn how to pivot to refine customer value proposition. Understand the critical importance of identifying and testing assumptions and learn how to do it in a very rapid and lean way.

Business Model Generation

You will learn how adaptive business models underpin impact of innovations and enable entrepreneurial success in dynamic market conditions. Understand foundation elements of business model generation. Learn in practice how to use the Business Model Canvas. Identify critical business model assumptions and learn how to design experiments to test them. Use the canvas to map, discuss, design and invent and improve your business.

Product Development

Understand the role of product design and engineering in product development. Learn how to define your product vision, build prototypes, and obtain critical early validation from customers. Learn how to reduce the risk of bringing new products or services into the market. Learn how to successfully implement product engineering within your team. Learn how to build products faster, and at lower cost.

Got an innovative business idea?

Gain invaluable advice that will help you identify growth opportunities and potentially assist you in avoiding the common pitfalls of starting and managing a new business.