Festival of Creativity 2020: Creative Disruption

Explore how creativity can disrupt the status quo, break down old habits, and reimagine what’s possible.

Four virtual sessions across four weeks, hosted by a group of creative thinkers from the Festival of Creativity Collaborative who will share their experiences in how you can harness the power of creativity to disrupt the status quo.

3rd September

How to use Stories to Create Plans in Messy Situations

10th September

Where Innovation & Creativity Collide

17th September

The Art of Looking

24th September

Building Creative & Disruptive Teams

Exploring playfulness and creativity in the workplace

Who is involved?

The Festival of Creativity is a collaboration between the Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres, Canberra Innovation Network, University of Canberra, PWC and Lightbulb to explore the social, economic and cultural benefits of creative practice.

Four inspiring sessions:

How to use Stories to Create Plans in Messy Situations

What is creativity and who can be creative? How can stories be used to understand disruptive situations and to create strategies for responding to them?

Thursday 3rd September at 2:30pm | Hosted by University of Canberra, Faculty of Arts and Design

Where Innovation & Creativity Collide

Learn like a startup and see how a ‘lean methodology’ can help harness creativity through innovation and turn your creative inspiration into a reality. Test your ideas, find your why, and discover how to make a sustainable, meaningful impact.

Thursday 10th September at 2:30pm | Hosted by Canberra Innovation Network

The Art of Looking

What is artistic literacy? How can it help you be more creative in work and in life? We’ll explore how understanding the language and processes of art can help you to create exciting new possibilities in your work, from crafting compelling communications to pitching innovative projects.

Thursday 17th September at 2:30pm | Hosted by Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centre

Building Creative & Disruptive Teams

Creative disruption evolves through harnessing diversity of thought and experience. So how do you create and shape environments in which diverse, creative teams can come together and thrive?

Thursday 24th September at 12:00pm | Hosted by PwC