Q&A with BentSpoke Brewing Co: Brewing Innovation in Canberra

Leading up to the 2019 Innovation Showcase we spoke to BentSpoke Brewing Co head-brewer and co-founder Richard Watkins about Canberra, innovation and the future of beer.

What does innovation mean to BentSpoke?
BentSpoke is built around doing things differently. We have always pushed the boundaries of beer so being creative, trying different ingredients or innovating comes naturally to us.

Canberra is a strong theme in the BentSpoke story and marketing, what is it about this city that makes it a great place for business?
BentSpoke is proud to be born and brewed in Canberra. Canberra has a creative flair about the city which encourages innovation, supports inclusion and thrives on patriotism. These are key contributors to success of a local brand.

What have been your highlights over the past 5 years?
BentSpoke has won a lot of awards over the years both for its beer and its venue. To be honest growing to support 70 staff and to see the support BentSpoke gets from the Canberra community continue to be our highlights.

Are there any big changes or innovations we can expect to see in the beer industry? Where do you see the future of beer heading?
This is interesting. Certainly, there are always new ways to improve efficiency. BentSpoke recently installed a new centrifuge to provide more consistent clarity and beer quality. I think non-alcohol beer will be a thing of the future. I’m sure there are flavours out there that haven’t been considered yet for beer.

The Innovation Showcase is on the 4th of December, what excites you about hosting this with the Canberra Innovation Network?
BentSpoke always has supported the community. This showcase oozes what we are all about, supporting creativity. It’s going to be great to see what innovations are on the radar and what ones we may be able to tap into to create some new beers!

With 2019 coming to a close, what does the next decade bring for you?
I think the main focus for us is twofold: To have an unrelenting focus on quality, and to get our beer into more people’s hands. We still unfortunately have fans that can’t get hold of our beer. Generally, when people taste our beer, they don’t think it’s too bad!

Canberran entrepreneurs and researchers have collaborated with the local brewery to brew an innovative new beer with local yeast captured from Canberra air, pear juice that claims to aid in preventing hangovers, crickets and dried black soldier fly larvae.

You can try it for yourself at the 2019 Innovation Showcase held at the BentSpoke Cannery on the 4th of December.

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