Collaborative Innovation Lab

Activate collaboration by solving problems together

The Collaborative Innovation Lab is a program that brings people together to work on problems in ways that create economic and innovation opportunities for Canberra entrepreneurs and innovators across business, academia, government and social enterprise.

CBRIN has designed and tested a number of formats of the Collaborative Innovation Lab to suit different types of clients and problems being addressed. Generally, we work with 3 distinct types of the lab and their variations.

Opportunity – Representatives of problem/opportunity owner and a mix of participants who can provide relevant insights, share experience or represent different types of solutions.

Challenge – Key stakeholders, including researchers, government, SMEs, startups, venture investors, etc. relevant to the industry / theme.

Hackathon – Students, designers, engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs who form teams that try to fast track create and pitch a solution with a business model that addresses a specific big problem within a sponsored theme.

Organisations we have worked with