Charting the next frontier of space exploration.

Calling all innovators excited by space, space technologies, innovation and entrepreneurship to build a diverse team to tackle challenges in this two-day SpaceHack. Enjoy an exceptional collaborative atmosphere with access to leading mentors and space companies with short workshops and learn how to ideate, select ideas, and evolve them to attract the attention of judges and investors!

This hackathon is made possible by the Embassy of the United States of America who is sponsoring the event to help enable transcontinental collaboration in space industries.

17 & 18 June 2021Applications close 10th June

$10,000 in prize money!

Plus ongoing support and mentorship from supporting sponsors!

Not only will you be making an impact in space, over the two days you’ll have access to ample resources, workshops, mentors, motivational industry speakers and judges.


Who is SpaceHack supported by?

SpaceHack is delivered by the Canberra Innovation Network in partnership with the United States of America Embassy in Canberra.

Do I have to register as a team?

Yes, to participate in SpaceHack you must be in a registered team of between 3 and 5 people.

How much time do I have to commit?

SpaceHack will run over two-days with mandatory sessions throughout.

  • Thursday 17th June
  • Friday 18th June

I’m already working on an idea, can I use that?

Teams are more than welcome to compete in the hackathon with an existing idea that they are already working on, but will need to be willing to learn and grow their proposed solution.
The workshops and mentor sessions are designed to push teams to test and refine their solution to develop a compelling final pitch for the judges. During a hackathon, ideas may pivot or shift based on customer and mentor feedback which is all a part of the process!

Who owns the IP to the ideas generated?

All submissions to the hackathon remain the intellectual property of the individuals or organisations that developed them.

Is this an in-person event?

Yes. All of the sessions will be run in-person at the Canberra Innovation Network located at Level 5, 1 Moore Street, Canberra.

More information

UPSTREAM CHALLENGE: How can existing or emerging technology or process be applied in space?

DOWNSTREAM CHALLENGE: How can a space technology or discovery be applied in a novel way to create value and impact on earth?


Innovation: How innovative / novel / different is your idea?

Validation: How much validation / research have you done for this?

Implementation: How actionable is this? What are the next steps?

Impact: How impactful is this? Will this make a difference?

Funding: Is it clear how this might be funded?

Communication: How well is this presented? Is this easy to understand?

Collaboration: Does your idea leverage the opportunity of cross-collaboration with the United States of America?

Supporting partners

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