GRIFFIN Accelerator in Hindsight: Healthy Eating Hub

We spoke to Kate Freeman, founder of the Healthy Eating Hub back in July last year about her business and her expectations for the GRIFFIN Accelerator program.

Having now completed the program, we caught up with Kate about the lessons and experiences in hindsight.

If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself at the start of GRIFFIN?
Kate, you can do this. I know it seems huge, but just take one step at a time, progress is progress.

What is the biggest milestone you hit during the accelerator?
We doubled our membership numbers on our platform and did a full website refresh.

What was the most important takeaway from GRIFFIN to you?
Learning the art of agile development: To experiment, test and continually improve the program slowly, consistently, gradually and based on what the customer wants!

What has changed the most for your business since GRIFFIN?
We have a clearer plan how how to continue to improve our product and our marketing plan.

What’s next for you?
Keep growing the business and in the next 6 months find the right investors to partner with.

What is one piece of advice you would give someone interested in being a part of the GRIFFIN Accelerator?
Be clear on your why and purpose and before you apply talk to your potential customers – do you have something that they want to buy?

“The GRIFFIN Accelerator has been amazing and a great way to clearly articulate my business idea and strategy, meet great mentors and make some great connections.”

You can find The Healthy Eating hub on their website, Facebook and Instagram