Lean Innovation Workshops for the Public Sector

July 2022 AWS Lean Innovation Workshops for Public Sector
  • 4 July 2022
  • 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm
  • Canberra Innovation Network Level 5, 1 Moore Street

Event information

Be an entrepreneur for a day – learn skills and tools other entrepreneurs and innovators have used to kickstart ideas and projects.

This workshop delivered by the Canberra Innovation Network and Amazon Web Services introduce the lean startup innovation methods and the entrepreneurial mindset for staff, teams and collaborators to motivate them to think and operate fast and in a lean and agile way, like a high-growth startup.

In these workshops participants will learn some innovation tools that can help people to make the most progress in internal projects, as well as business as usual work, with minimal resources. Participants will learn new methodologies to validate projects old and new without investing too many resources, while also learning how to “pitch” and talk to any stakeholders and customers involved. These workshops will teach ways on how to progress ideas and projects in the workspace more efficiently using the entrepreneurial / startup mindset!

Feedback from previous participants about the first Lean Innovation for the Public Sector:

“The format of this course made it easy to understand the concepts through the actual practice of the processes with room to make mistakes and learn from them comfortably. Loved it, Everyone felt comfortable and kept us engaged”

“Whichever field you belong to it does not matter. Understanding concepts of lean innovation or innovation in general will help you develop your critial thinking skills in terms of how you can practically turn your simple/complex ideas into realities. It basically empowers you in a way which helps you to develop your confidence to think and act. Re-instates your belief that you can be part of making a positive change for yourself and for the people around you :)”

“It will change the way you view innovation and whether this be externally or internally it will give you the tools to sell an idea. Internally the innovation of a new way in which you currently work or the process you do, needs to be sold up the hierarchical chain and this will help you do that.”

“Opportunities to hear from other “lean innovators” especially from any that are operating in a public sector context.”

“Excellent opportunity to broaden your knowledge and test your assumption’s and current practices. Provides an opportunity for networking hearing how other organisations and agencies innovate.”

“The workshop offered thought-provoking insights on how to reframe project conception and delivery from a customer-centric, agile perspective. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking for ways to challenge themselves and their teams.”