GRIFFIN Accelerator

GRIFFIN Accelerator is a three-month intensive program that empowers entrepreneurs to get their startups moving fast and achieving sustainable business success.

The heart of this program is the mentors, who bring substantial experience in startups, investing, raising capital, sales, business development, and significant industry and investor networks.  

The next cohort will open for applications in the
second half of 2024.

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2022 GRIFFIN Accelerator Cohort

What's involved?

GRIFFIN Accelerator is championed by a group of experienced mentors who have led the way as founders and investors and are passionate about passing on their expertise and lessons learned to Canberra entrepreneurs. By joining the program, you gain access to a network of influential mentors who are eager to share their wisdom and help you navigate the challenging startup landscape.

GRIFFIN Accelerator Mentors collectively have extensive experience in R&D, research commercialsation, scaling a company, raising capital, sales, HR, product, and more. Mentors are also active investors, including the Australian Angel Investor of the Year, former chairs of Capital Angels, and early backers of many successful companies. Mentors also include founders of companies with a combined value of several billion dollars.

Canberra is a great place to build a startup, our ecosystem is small enough to be interconnected and collaborative, while large enough to have impressive impact and reach. You’ll get help connecting to customers, industry experts, investors and more.

At the end of the three months you can pitch to the mentors for up to $100k investment by the mentors.

You will also be invited to present at the Canberra Innovation Network Annual Investor Showcase with the opportunity to connect with 50+ local and interstate investors, Venture Funds and industry partners.

Seize the chance to make invaluable connections and fast-forward the success of your startup.

The core GRIFFIN Program is centered around value-add engagements with mentors and the program team while you work on your business. We also introduce key topics including:

  • Engaging mentors, advisors, investors and other stakeholders
  • Clarifying your purpose and goals
  • Building good business habits
  • Identifying and connecting with customers and partners
  • Funding and driving growth
  • Financial projections
  • Culture and leadership
  • Raising capital
  • Company valuation and deal terms

And more!

You’ll make leaps and bounds progressing your business as the program drives you to set ambitious goals and supports you to make faster progress. Our team have accelerated hundreds of companies and will empower you to solve problems and find the best opportunities. Activities include:

  • Weekly accountability sessions focusing on progress and problem solving
  • Weekly seminars to introduce impactful content and engage you on key topics
  • Dedicated desk for you and your team in the Canberra Innovation Network coworking space
  • Frequent meetings with your mentors
  • Connections with the broader mentor group
  • End of program pitch – teams can pitch to the trust for investment
  • Showcase to 50+ investors at the following year in March

GRIFFIN will support you to build long-term relationships with your mentors an investors to help you to continue to grow and navigate challenges after the program.

Benefits of the program

  • Be empowered by a network of experienced mentors and passionate entrepreneurs
  • Accelerated learning through relevant seminars led by experts
  • Flexible program design to maximise your ability to make progress
  • Access to 3 months in a collaborative coworking space at the Canberra Innovation Network
  • Option to pitch for up to $100k investment from the mentors at the conclusion of the program
  • Further access to purpose driven investors and high profile industry connections


Is the GRIFFIN Accelerator Program right for me?

  • You have a great team/are a founder looking to grow your team
  • You have an innovative competitive advantage and big market opportunity
  • You’re looking for experienced mentorship
  • You are currently raising/looking to raise capital

If this sounds like you, then you may be suitable!

What companies have participated in the GRIFFIN Accelerator?

Are there conditions for joining the program?

If you are successful, you will agree to actively participate in the program, including weekly accountability sessions, weekly seminars, annual updates, and take part in key program events.

What are the key dates for the program?

  • 7 August- Applications close
  • 28 August – Shortlist pitch day
  • 25 September – Program kick-off
  • 27 November – Program conclusion and option to pitch for investment
  • March 2024 – Canberra Innovation Network Annual Investor Showcase

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