Helping your business to see the bigger picture.

The Canberra Innovation Network is not just here for startups. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) need innovation, now more than ever to grow, succeed and make a real impact.


Change the way you think about your business.

As a Canberra business owner you already know that you need to work on the business, not in it – but how do you find the time and resources to do this when you are already white-knuckling it through the day?

At the Canberra Innovation Network, we want you to change the way you think about your business. We’ll challenge your perspectives and help you to gain the skills to innovate, pivot and find new opportunities for growth in your Small & Medium Enterprise (SME).

SMEs face a lot of unique challenges, and usually they tackle them solo. It can feel exhausting to do everything yourself within your business, and owners and operators can get bogged down with what seems to be all the boring stuff that pops up in the everyday.

Whether you have new strategic challenges, are struggling with a changing market or are experiencing growing pains, you’ll get help to refine your strategy and stay on track.

Canberra’s SMEs are clever, connected and creative. Let’s show the world that.

Take your business up a notch through innovative methods.

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We know it, asking for help can be hard! But it’s time to sharpen the axe and prioritise your business growth.

Take a positive step in your business journey and book a time today to chat with our SME Director. This free, no strings attached meeting will help you to see the forest for the trees, and create actionable steps to improve your enterprise.

Growth Labs

Inject fresh thinking and facilitate discussion that will challenge your ideas and help to generate new approaches in your company with a Growth Lab.

Innovative companies often encounter challenges that need new perspectives, external input or intensive work outside the founder’s current expertise to tackle. In our experience working with hundreds of startups and SMEs, we’ve found running short, intensive and curated workshops can unlock these problems and enable the company to take action.

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Whatever stage your business is in, there are a range of opportunities in Canberra.

Find out about additional funding pathways, training & skill development opportunities and connect with a like-minded innovation community.

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