Innovation and growth for established businesses.

Our SME program aims to help established Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to grow and thrive by introducing SME leaders to innovation and growth methods. We also connect business leaders to each other for peer support, mentor connections and more.

Discover new insights about your business

At the Canberra Innovation Network, our experienced team can help you challenge your perspectives and support you to gain the skills to innovate and find new opportunities for growth.

Whether you are facing setbacks, experiencing growing pains, adapting to evolving market conditions or looking for new growth opportunities we can empower you to find the right directions.

Join a supportive community

We believe business leaders benefit from building trusted networks of peers with similar experiences and challenges. You can learn and share beyond what is possible within your own team.

Time efficient engagement

We understand that most business leaders face time constraints due to many operational tasks demanding your attention. Our engagement with you is designed to be short and intensive, ensuring you can make the most of your limited availability.

Take your business up a notch through innovative methods.

SME Accelerator

For the most ambitious SME leaders we run an intensive two-day accelerator once a year.

During this program, you will have the opportunity to hone key skills and collaborate with other ambitious business leaders in small groups, all focused on advancing your respective businesses.

Growth Labs

Companies invariably encounter challenges that demand fresh perspectives, external input, or intensive work beyond the founder’s current expertise. Our Growth Labs facilitate dynamic discussions in an intensive half-day format, injecting new thinking to help you generate innovative approaches to your challenges.

To discuss if a Growth Lab is the right choice for you, chat with the team today.

SME Breakfasts - join a supportive community

Our quarterly SME Breakfasts provide a platform for business leaders to connect with one another and engage in conversations that foster mutual learning. These sessions feature guest speakers and innovative content aimed at equipping you with new tools and ideas to apply within your own business. Keep an eye on our events page or subscribe to our newsletter to see when the next one is!

Get fresh input on your business

Take a positive step in your business journey and book a time today to chat with our experienced team. This free, confidential and no obligations meeting will give you fresh feedback and empower you to find relevant help or actions to focus on.

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We're here to help

Whatever stage your business is in, there are a range of opportunities in Canberra.

Find out about additional funding pathways, training & skill development opportunities and connect with a like-minded innovation community.

We value your feedback! Learning from customers is crucial, whether it’s a compliment, comment or complaint.
It’s really important for us to know what we’re doing well and what we can improve on.

If you have feedback on any of our programs or your user experience, please let us know.