Growth Lab

Inject fresh thinking and facilitate discussion that will challenge your ideas and help to generate new approaches in your company.

Enable your company to take action

Innovative companies often encourage challenges that need new perspectives, external input or intensive work outside the founder’s current expertise to tackle. In our experience working wth hundreds of startups and SME’s, we’ve found running short, intensive and curated workshops can unlock these problems and enable the company to take action.

Each Growth Lab is tailored to the individual company’s needs. We bring in relevant, highly experience people as our brains trust. Over three hours we work intensively to find new understanding of your challenges and potential solutions.

How can my business benefit?

A Growth Lab will inject fresh thinking to generate new approaches and plan actionable steps to unlocking your problem. Some common growth lab topics include:

Partner Relationships


Growth Planning

Team Growth Challenges

Spinning Out

Capital Strategy

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What's involved?

Scoping Work

Initial scoping discussion to clarify the problem and choose the key elements of the main session.

Growth Lab

An intensive, facilitated half-day session with your team and a curated brains trust of mentors.

Ongoing Support

Continued engagement after your Growth Lab with the incubation team and mentors.


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