Mentor & Investor Network

Mentorship is an incredibly powerful part of a founder’s journey and can take many forms.

As a key part of Canberra Innovation Network’s mission, we connect a wide range of mentors & investors with relevant experience to entrepreneurs with the goal of empowering those entrepreneurs to have more impact.

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For Mentors

Engaging as a mentor is flexible and driven by your capacity, expertise and interests. Mentoring can look like different things, some of the ways we offer engagement include:

We help facilitate introductions where we think there are synergies between your experience and the founder’s challenges and opportunities. This provides a flexible way of meeting potential mentees and understanding what options are available to engage with founders.

Immerse yourself in the world of a hackathon! Meet with emerging talent, help prospective entrepreneurs build skills and be rewarded with a new and energizing experience. The Canberra Innovation Network facilitates hackathons with corporate sponsors across a number of sectors including AI, space, manufacturing and arts.

Meet other enthusiastic mentors in the Canberra ecosystem, learn from peers and share experiences.

Work with a group of experienced mentors to accelerate a cohort of ambitious startups in our annual Griffin Accelerator program.

Be part of a focused session with a progressed business to help them work through specific challenges and opportunities in an intensive session. These are incredibly rewarding and offer the chance to make a huge impact in a short amount of time.

Leverage your experience and business knowledge and participate as part of an independent panel to help select companies for programs (e.g. Innovation Connect Grant).

Reach out to the Growth Team to discuss how to get involved.

Benefits of being a mentor

Meet ambitious and purpose driven entrepreneurs with interesting projects

Join and contribute to the growing innovation community here in Canberra

Get new insights from your mentoring experience


Be invited to exclusive events, including Mentor Networking and the Canberra Investor Showcase

About You

You enjoy working with passionate founders and engaging in new problems and opportunities;

You’re trustworthy, honest, and respectful;

You’re looking to empower and inspire entrepreneurs; and

You have experience and knowledge relevant to start-ups and innovation.

Guiding Values of Mentoring

Guiding Values of Mentoring

For Investors

Whether you’re a seasoned mentor or just interested in finding out more, we are available to discuss how you can engage with Canberra companies looking to raise capital.

Book in a chat with our Growth Programs Manager to discuss how we might be able to facilitate a connection.

We also recommend visiting the Capital Angels website to find out more about the Angel investing network in Canberra.

Please note that the Canberra Innovation Network does not provide financial advice and you are advised that investment in early-stage businesses carries high risks. It is highly speculative, and before investing, you are strongly advised to make independent enquiries and take appropriate professional advice.


Is Mentoring a paid service?

The Canberra Innovation Network offers mentoring introductions as a free service. We do not facilitate paid mentors and are seeking mentors who are willing to meet with an entrepreneur free of charge to establish whether you are the right person to assist with their business challenge / opportunity. Any renumeration for additional help must be agreed upon upfront and in writing between yourself and the mentee.

Do I need to formally commit to a set number of mentoring sessions?

There is no upfront commitment – certain programs including hackathons and the GRIFFIN Accelerator have set dates and commitment levels which can be discussed.

I’d like to promote my services through the Canberra Innovation Network, how can I do this?

The Canberra Innovation Network is supplier agnostic and encourages founders to research available services and solutions to find the best fit for their needs. If you’d like to network with founders, we encourage you to come along to our networking events: https://cbrin.com.au/fwc/

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Looking for a Mentor or Investor?

If you are a founder looking to connect with a mentor or investor, please book an intro meeting to find out more. We encourage founders to understand their needs (including funding), consider strengths and where you need help with to get the most out of a mentor.



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