Work next to like-minded innovators and entrepreneurs.

Be part of a thriving community and work alongside startups, entrepreneurs, researchers and innovators at the Canberra Innovation Network’s coworking space.

Work better together

Be part of a thriving community and connect with startups, entrepreneurs, researchers and innovators through Canberra Innovation Network’s Coworking. Stay connected, learn insights and be productive in this peer-to-peer support network for innovators and entrepreneurs across the Canberra region.

Located in the heart of Canberra City, our not-for-profit coworking space is dedicated to fostering the innovation community. With access to bookable meeting rooms, various breakout spaces, a kitchen, high speed Wi-Fi, printing facilities and support, it’s the perfect place to grow your business.

Coworking Perks


Daily discussions, helpful resources, and A place to ask questions and share your wins, challenges and goals.

Events & Social Gatherings

Events that educate and inspire, from innovation challenges, Female Founders catch-ups, accountability sessions and social drinks.

Dedicated Slack

24/7 access to a Slack community to connect with over 200 entrepreneurs and startups who are physically and virtually coworking.


A dedicated Community Manager and the CBRIN team to help you find strong connections, helpful resources and new opportunities.

Join a fast-growing collaborative community.

What makes us different?

  • Take part in our exciting calendar of events for entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • Connect with potential customers, investors and collaborators through facilitated introductions.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of a modern coworking space that constantly changes and adapts to the needs of its user community.
  • Work with industry experts, mentors and coaches.
  • Boost your competitive edge with a network of academic and research institutions to access talent, expertise and R&D infrastructure.
  • Reciprocal arrangements with coworking spaces around Australia.
  • Fantastic central location next to Canberra’s best cafes and bars.
  • With our high speed Wi-Fi, you’ll never have to think about connectivity.


What is virtual coworking?

Canberra Innovation Network’s Virtual Coworking is an interim online community for entrepreneurs who typically reside our coworking space. This online community is a place where you can bounce ideas, learn something different and connect with new people.

What will I get?

You’ll get access to daily discussions, helpful resources, and polls through our online community platform. We also run online events that educate and inspire. You’ll be able to connect and engage with other virtual coworkers through our social gatherings like the weekly innovation challenges, virtual social drinks, female founders catchups and accountability sessions. Our dedicated Community Manager and the CBRIN team will help you find strong connections, helpful resources and new opportunities.

Who is it for?

Our Virtual Coworking is best suited for entrepreneurs and startups in the Canberra and its surrounding region who want to engage with the coworking community while working from home.

How do I apply?

Fill out the application form with a few important details and you will be notified within 24 hours about whether you fit the eligibility requirements. If you’re unsure about whether our virtual coworking option is right for you and your startup, drop us an email here.

How much is it?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canberra Innovation Network will be sponsoring entrepreneurs who are virtually coworking.

What happens when the cowoking space re-opens?

We are following the guidelines from the ACT Government to when we have access to the physical space. When these restrictions are lifted, we will be in touch with coworking community about building access, facilities and desk space.

What our residents say

We're here to help

Canberra Innovation Network’s Virtual Coworking exists to support the Canberra innovation community through the impact of COVID-19.

To find out more about Virtual Coworking and how you can get involved, chat to our dedicated Community Manager.

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