Quarterly Reports

Welcome to the Canberra Innovation Network’s quarterly reporting. As a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in the ACT, the Canberra Innovation Network is dedicated to providing valuable resources and support for the ACT innovation community.

In our quarterly report, we aim to provide those interested with a comprehensive overview of our performance metrics, including important data on events, programs, engagement, testimonials and other key performance indicators.

By sharing this information, we hope to offer insights into how our network is growing and evolving, and to demonstrate our commitment to transparency and accountability.

Whether you’re a current member of our network or simply curious about the latest developments in Canberra’s innovation scene, this page shares our quarterly report and discover the latest trends and data.

Quarterly Report Q1 2023/24

Q4 2022/23

Q3 2022/23

Q2 2022/23

Q1 2022/23