Entrepreneurship Competition
for Students | 5 – 15 August 2024

Register your team of 2 to 5 to learn how to build and present a high-growth scalable business concept. Pitch to the judges to win prizes from a pool of $10,000 + in-kind support from our ecosystem to help you take your project to the next level. Open to students and staff at the Australian National University, University of Canberra, University of New South Wales Canberra, CSIRO and Canberra Institute of Technology.

$10,000 cash and support to help you learn how to build a high-growth startup

Craft a winning pitch

Even with customers with a problem, validated pricing and business model, your business can fail, if you do not learn how to tell its story to the key stakeholders.

Ideate and evolve your ideas

Learn how to generate multiple ideas so that you can pick the one worth pursuing. Evolve the idea with the team, mentors and potential customers.

Wow the judges to win seed money

The real test comes when you deliver the short pitch on stage (virtually) and answer questions of the judges. Will you make it to the top 10 teams?

Access mentoring and post-competition support

Throughout the program you will have access to innovation and business mentors. After the program, winners will be offered support from CBRIN.


Showing is better than telling. Learn how to build minimal viable products by observing how users interact with the prototype of your solution.

Build your team
Your chance to succeed alone are small. Use this opportunity to develop your teambuilding and team coordination skills.
Validate your market opportunity

Without customers, there is no business. Learn how to talk to customers before you build anything, to understand the market potential of your solution.

Build a business model

Business models define the way you can make money on delivering your solution to your customers. Learn how to find the one that will fit your business.

Competition Schedule

How much time do I have to commit and when?

Can I work with my team outside the scheduled session?


Here you can find a quick overview of what is involved for you to participate in InnovationACT intensive this year. We expect a really rapid progress – from start to finish in just 2 weeks! Do you have what it takes? Build a diverse team and try it.

Each workshop will consist of interactive activities from 1 to 3.30 pm. After each workshop, teams will have the opportunity to continue working on their ideas and progress.

Can I participate as a solo participant?

What if I don't have a team yet and want to meet others looking for a team?

Register as individual below and come to our online orientation session on August 4, 12pm-1pm, and we will leave time for people without teams to meet each other and potentially form teams.

What are the eligibility requirements?

What is the commitment?

We estimate the commitment to be 2 hours per week over the two week competition on top of the workshops, spent on working on your projects. Of course, keen innovators are able to put in more time if they want!

Will the workshops be recorded?


First, register your team (unless someone else from your team already did).

In participant registration, select the team you (or someone else from your team) have registered prior. Each team must have a current student or staff member (ANU, UC, UNSW Canberra, CIT or CSIRO) and you must have a team of between 2 and 5 members to register. By registering, you agree with the Rules of Engagement.

Individuals must register before 5 pm on 1 August 2024, with teams to be registered by 5pm on 5 August 2024.