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Our vision is for Canberra to recognised globally as a clever, connected and creative city fuelled by excellence in research, innovation and entrepreneurship, delivering diversified economy, social impact and economic growth.

We contribute to this vision by empowering entrepreneurs (startup founders, researchers, innovators, intrapreneurs and business owners and operators) from Canberra and the region to make an impact and change the world.

The core principles that underpin our work are those of an innovation-driven entrepreneurial ecosystem,  the Rainforest culture and collective impact. This is manifested by the broad collaboration of our foundation members including the ANU, UC, UNSW Canberra, CIT, and CSIRO and with the support of the ACT Government. Along with our partners, private sector organisations including King Wood Mallesons, Optus and PwC  and education partner AIE, we are sharing the responsibility for connecting and growing the services and support available for ambitious innovators and entrepreneurs in the ACT and its broader region.

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You can learn more about the Canberra Innovation Network’s ambition in the CBRIN Strategic Directions 2021-2023 document.

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Download our 2021 Impact Report

The level of innovation in the ACT is significant, according to a recent report on the economic impact of the Canberra Innovation Network prepared by PwC. The advantages of a highly educated population, concentration of education and research institutions and the foundational support of the ACT Government helped create an innovation ecosystem that is one of the densest in Australia.

According to the report, 400 innovation jobs would not exist in the ACT in 2021 if it were not for Canberra Innovation Network’s support. When both direct and indirect impacts of that support are taken into account this corresponds to over 700 jobs and over $100M added to the Territory’s Gross State Product in 2021.

We know Canberra is a great environment for innovation. The ACT Government’s investment in CBRIN and the innovation ecosystem is delivering tangible economic results for Canberra. The 400 new jobs that were supported by CBRIN is a testament to the strength and diversity of the ACT economy and the great work CBRIN does as the linchpin of our innovation ecosystem.” – ACT Chief Minister, Andrew Barr MLA.

Impacts of the Canberra Innovation Network on the ACT and the Region’s Innovation Ecosystem – 2018 Impact Report

In 2018 the Canberra Innovation Network worked with Strategic Economic Solutions to assess the impact we have had on entrepreneurs, innovators and the innovation community across our programs that were designed to implement our 3 key strategic directions: innovation capacity building, entrepreneurial capacity building, and growing a central hub for innovation and collaboration.

According to the report, between 2014 and 2018 Canberra Innovation Network delivered:

  • a more vibrant and connected ecosystem (with increased fluidity, density, connectivity and diversity)
  • culture change by becoming a focal point of innovation that galvanises the community and helps the community’s key institutions transform; and
  • better collaboration by being a catalytic enabler helping partners develop solutions to problems based on collaborative innovation, by enabling alliances among the foundation members and partners and within the region.