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We believe that entrepreneurs are everywhere – Whether you are working from a garage or a research lab, in the gaps between your 9 to 5 or every day in your SME. The Canberra Innovation Network can help your business grow.

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We are passionate about the innovation community and want to help you find the right information, opportunities and connections to help you turn your idea into a high impact, commercial reality.

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Weekly Innovation Challenge

This lockdown, spend an hour outside your normal business each week to refresh your mind and develop your skills with other entrepreneurs. Learn how to create and test a new idea or change in your business, and join a community of entrepreneurs as you take on a one-week challenge.

If you’re growing a business, developing a product or just want to change the world, our goal is to show you relevant new ideas and challenge you to rapidly try them out.

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Come to our monthly get-together First Wednesday Connect which aims to energise, share stories and encourage collaboration between entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and innovators of all sorts.

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