Collaborative Innovation

Find new solutions through collaborative innovation and rapidly solve complex problems in a creative, facilitated and curated atmosphere.

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Collab Lab

The Collaborative Innovation Lab (Collab Lab) is a program that brings people together to work on problems in ways that create economic and innovation opportunities for Canberra entrepreneurs and innovators across business, academia, government and social enterprise.

Facilitated sessions address a challenge, problem or an opportunity through collaboration that activates and leverages the resources, strengths and capabilities of a diverse group of players from across the ecosystem. This event can take different forms, sizes and durations including short focused sessions, half-day mini-hacks and full industry innovation days.


Hackathons bring together a community of hustlers, hipsters and hackers to solve local, national and global challenges innovatively either through tech, policy or process.

Join or create your own team and participate in a competitive environment over 24-48 hours and come up with a new solution that can help make an impact and potentially save lives. Hackathons are not just for coders, the more diverse your team is the more innovative your solution will be.

Hackathons are great activations for conferences and other major events where stakeholders and users are already present.

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Group shot of CBRIN, ACT Gov., US Embassy, and local high school students at the SportsTech Day.