people at First Wednesday Connect

Event details:

  • Wednesday 6th February 2019
  • Canberra Innovation Network

Speakers list:

  • David Barbalet, Carbon Adaptive
  • Maddie Mitchell, CSIRO – Cotton Fibre Research
  • Cindy Mitchell, The Mill House Catalyse
  • Jim Andrews, Reload Esports
  • Dana Pordel, danaXa
  • Bob Sly, Learning Environments Australasia
  • Irene Zhen, Idea to Impact
  • Bradley Moss, Polyflame
  • Lula Dembele, A Man’s Problem
  • Pan White, Shenzhen Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition
  • Joey Wong, Rentality
  • Arthur Pappas, Innovation Connect (ICON) Grants
  • Sophie Baker, NECTAR ANU
  • Petr Adamek, Canberra Innovation Network

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