Crowd at Networking Event

Event details:

  • Wednesday 5th February 2020
  • Location: Canberra Innovation Network

Speakers list:

  • Chief Minister Andrew Barr, MLA
  • Lisa Tozer, The Interview Coach
  • Charles Gretton, TechLauncher
  • Rae Knopik, CBR Gals
  • Sean Smith, CHELTech
  • Ben Tindale, Tindale Systems
  • Myles Terry, BBMT Consulting
  • Berenice Talamantes and Jason Carling, Community Lab for Biotech Entrepreneurs
  • Adam Parris, Searching For Value
  • Bill Tarlinton, Zepben
  • Tom Larkin, Two Step Tommy
  • Ken Kroeger, Epicorp
  • Samantha Lengyel & Josh Fourie, Aequita Labs
  • Erin Bramer, Women’s Tech Network
  • Megan Sita , ConSenses Events
  • Adrian King, Brivvio
  • Petr Adamek, Canberra Innovation Network

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