people at First Wednesday Connect

Event details:

  • Wednesday 7th November 2018
  • Location: Australian Centre on China in the World, ANU
  • Event Partners: Australian National University

Speakers list:

  • Acting Pro Vice Chancellor Innovation Dr Keats Nelm, ANU
  • Charles Gretton, TechLauncher
  • Ehsan Nabavi, 3A Institute
  • Diana Slade, ANU
  • Kerry Howard, Rural Help
  • Ankur Sharma, ANU Engineering
  • Sanjana Alex, Ribit
  • Riccardo Natoli, ANU Medical Research
  • Alethia and Sam, F**k Up Nights
  • Thomas McMenamin, Pixelated Induction
  • Camilo Potocnjak-Oxman, ANU CBE Venture Lab
  • Irene Zhen, SME Bootcamp
  • Jonathan Walker, Support a Star
  • Bin Lu, ANU Engineering
  • John Forbes, civilise.ai
  • Tony Henshaw, Canberra Innovation Network

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