Weekly Innovation Challenge: Getting The Most Out Of Your Team

Weekly Innovation Challenge with Renee Beerworth
  • 27 September 2021
  • 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
  • Online

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The Weekly Innovation Challenge is for every entrepreneur, founder and business leader. If you’re growing a business, developing a product or just want to change the world, our goal at the Canberra Innovation Network is to show you relevant new ideas and challenge you to rapidly try them out. Every Lockdown Monday at 2pm we will introduce a topic, host guest experts, allow room for questions and end by setting a useful, actionable challenge for you to work on.

In the sixth installment of the Weekly Innovation Challenge, we get to the core of every business — the people. Your team is the key to unlocking success, growth and satisfaction, but how do we get the most out of those crucial people? Join Renee Beerworth, Founder and CEO of Spinach Ventures, and discuss the nuances of people in business, the intricacies of a small team, and how to effectively manage your team as it grows. This is a great opportunity to hear Renee’s experiences and ask her questions that will influence how you manage.

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And be sure to connect with other Canberra entrepreneurs on our LinkedIn Group, where we will host a discussion of the event, as well as your progress. You can also pose questions to put to our guests.

We encourage all entrepreneurs to engage in this weekly series — you may be just starting to develop a new idea, have technology emerging from research, or be an established company with growth or innovation ambitions … rest assured, this series is for you. If you missed previous weeks, don’t worry! Recap summaries and full recordings are available on our website.


What is the Weekly Innovation Challenge?
The Weekly Innovation Challenge is a way for you to join an online community of entrepreneurs as you take on a new challenge each week. It’s designed for every entrepreneur, founder and business leader.

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