Weekly Innovation Challenge

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  • April 1 - June 30, 2020
  • Every Wednesday at 2pm
  • Online
  • 02 6162 1149

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Learn how to create and test a new idea or change in your business. Join a community of entrepreneurs as you take on a one-week challenge.

About this Event

The Weekly Innovation Challenge is for every entrepreneur, founder and business leader.

If you’re growing a business, developing a product or just want to change the world, our goal is to show you relevant new ideas and challenge you to rapidly try them out.

Every Wednesday at 2pm we will introduce a topic and you’ll hear from a guest expert followed by a Q&A. The session will end with a challenge set for you to work on for the week.

First in our weekly series we will show you how to rapidly develop and test new ideas for your business. In this period of change and uncertainty its essential to question your assumptions and look for new opportunities. How do you adapt to challenges while avoiding undue pessimism or unrealistic hope? Lets work on it together.

Join our LinkedIn group to post progress, discuss and connect with your peers. The challenge aims to be useful but also fun, stimulating and different.

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