In partnership with the ACT Government, the Canberra Innovation Network is pleased to announce 8 new innovative businesses that have received a combined funding of $240,000 from the Innovation Connect Grants (ICON).

In addition to the Innovation Connect Grant, 11 companies received combined funding of $315,000 for the Boosting Innovation Grant, which was a one-off grant that was delivered as part of a COVID-19 business relief response.

The Innovation Connect Grants are run continuously throughout the year, enabling early stage companies to help develop, prototype and market test their product. Startups are eligible to receive matched funding between $10k – $30k.

Full list of Innovation Connect Grant Recipients

Company Project Description
Agent-99 Software platform that gives real estate agents more time to convert higher value sales leads from start to finish, while improving trust with vendors through direct and transparent buyer feedback.
Augmented Intelligence Fatigue and cardiovascular monitoring for heavy vehicle drivers using an ECG monitor embedded in the steering wheel.
Infinity Avionics Offering a flight proven, reconfigurable, and flexible processing platform for cube satellites in the industry’s smallest form factor.
Hey Fritz Data and AI driven peer to peer item hire platform.
Maple Glass Printing Building and launching the world’s first glass 3D printer
Safety Tech 360 Developing a mobile app that will empower construction workers to improve safety on the worksite by making it easy to report dangerous hazards.
You.InControl Wireless home electrical control system using LoRa technology.
ZaliaFlow Privacy preserving tools for developers in organisations to build programs that can use data without decrypting it or taking it off the customer’s device.

The Boosting Innovation Grant was designed to support exiting innovative businesses to become more competitive and sustainable.

“The Boosting Innovation Grant has been essential in ensuring Canberra’s innovative businesses continue to thrive despite the world’s economic challenges. This grant provides financial and entrepreneurial support, driving new products, new services and new jobs to the innovation ecosystem in Canberra.”Zachary Dowse, Growth Programs

Full list of Boosting Innovation Grant Recipients

Company Project Description
Three Mills Bakery An ambitious project to build a 7-day bakery, restaurant, bar and events establishment in Canberra’s NewActon precinct, Three Mills Bakery produces incredible sourdough (and pastries) using traditional long ferment techniques, house-milled flour, and local ingredients.
Evalue8 Sustainability Provides software that will enable your organisation to estimate your current carbon emissions based on your activities and track them over time.
SignOnSite Helps construction workers entering a construction site to be informed, prepared and safe. SignOnSite allows workers and site managers immediate access to crucial information about their sites including attendance, inductions, safety communications and emergency evacuations.
GymAware Is the leading tool to measure barbell performance, velocity and power. GymAware’ s suite of products are designed for coaches and loved by athletes.
Altina Drinks Makes alcohol free drinking fun, interesting and accessible! Their Zero Proof (trademarked) Craft Cocktails and array of other non-alcohol drinks taste great, without all the sugar!
Flex-G Developed nano-fluids with graphene as the active ingredient. Flexegraph nano-fluids feature suspended graphene particles that conduct heat 10, 000 times better than water, improving thermal conductivity over liquid coolants.
Xrveyor Their technology replaces the labour-intensive data capture of road condition assessments, allowing audits to be completed in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.
CardCastle Is a platform that helps you organise your collection of Magic the Gathering cards. Keep track of the cards you own and how much they’re worth, build and analyse decks, and share your collection with your friends.
Brain Changer A 12-week pain recovery program has been developed from the latest science and clinical practice guidelines in pain neuroscience, education, movement science, behavioural health and psychologically informed care.
Savvy Technical Solutions A suite of products that maximise safety and stability in caravan and camper trailer levelling. Their technologies are built in-house and agile, enabling a completely customisable service for your needs.
Elementice Is a real-time photography technology for professionals in the industry. Their hardware is designed to work for you and your business, increasing efficiency and allowing your clients to access the images they want, when they want.

 The next round of the Innovation Connect Grants closes on Monday 29th March 2021.