people at First Wednesday Connect

Event details:

  • Wednesday 6th December
  • Fitters Workshop in Kingston
  • 4.00pm – 7.00pm

Guest Speakers:

  • MC: Bree Winchester, Canberra Times
  • Violet Sheridan, Welcome to Country
  • Chief Minister Andrew Barr, MLA
  • Petr Adamek, CEO CBR Innovation Network


  • Jessica May, Enabled Employment
  • Anne-Marie Perret, Capital Angels
  • Camilo Potocnjak-Oxman, Summer of Stir
  • Tina McIntosh, Brain Changer
  • Omar Zuaiter, Emudent
  • Clive Summerfield, Auraya
  • Mark Reed, InterfereX
  • Erica Hediger, STEM Sells
  • Sophia Hamblin Wang, Global Entrepreneurship Summit
  • Pete Lilley, Instaclustr
  • Chelle Melbourne, Intelledox
  • Craig Davis, Innovation Programs

Startup Demos:

Balance Mat

The Balance Mat is a breakthrough in balance measurement that is easy to use for healthcare professionals and non-threatening for elderly clients to stand on.

Emudent Technologies

Emudent is on a mission to reinvent dentistry. They are unleashing the next wave of automation technology that will make dental care ultra-precise, swift and way more convenient!


Through a world-leading location engine, SignOnSite allows workers to automatically sign on and off construction sites using their smartphones, and rapidly evacuate in the event of an emergency.


Uses an online task manager for hospitality, which can be tracked remotely by managers which makes for a better and more productive workplace.


Game Plus is a non-profit collaborative workspace for game developers. They provide a hub and national network for digital entrepreneurs to co-locate, share resources, knowledge and opportunities.


Founded in Canberra in 2017, Luviat are transforming travel so travellers can get more from their experience with less stress and crucially; make a personal contribution towards sustainability.


InterfereX have developed a software technique to accelerate data transfer over the Internet. They address upstream network congestion that occurs even if your home has high-speed access, like the NBN.

Brain Changer

Brain Changer is a daily card-based program that empowers people with chronic pain to pace themselves safely and put into practice the pain science that can help them recover.

Rocket Remit

Rocket Remit is the fastest way to send money on the planet. It is so simple to use, you don’t even need an app. Send money instantly to friends and family overseas using just an SMS and their mobile number.

Rockstars and Royalty

Using her twenty years’ experience creating couture gowns, Vicky Kidd-Gallichan of Rockstars and Royalty has now brought the couture experience to online shopping.


Spinify is a lively leaderboards solution provider. Did you know that disengaged staff cost the Australian economy $70b per annum? We specialise in leaderboards that engage and motivate staff to focus on the metrics.

UC Robot Crowd

Exploring Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence – Robotics and the space in between through Music and Culture to manage innovation and change.

Tools by Hollie

Tools By Hollie has just started making custom dress maker’s dummies. These are done by 3d body scanning the customer and then carving the torso out using a 4 Axis CNC machine.

Code Cadets

The Code Cadets are a group of students at Canberra Grammar School who are passionate about exploring technology and engaging in cutting-edge projects.

Shirty Science

Science and art meet on a shirt!
Shirty Science is a project that wants to put PHD scientists in contact with local scientists.

Health Horizon

An online platform where you can find, follow, collect and share the world’s health innovations, helping them make it into our lives faster.

STEM Sells

An after-school program that hosts a series of fun and engaging workshops dedicated inspiring young women into pursuing their interests in STEM and entrepreneurship.

Sanjana Alex

Expressing ideas and research in science through the allure, charm and captivation of fashion.


A crowd-voting platform encouraging creatives to engage with entrepreneurship. Stir is inviting people to take part in our Summer of Stir grants season, offering three $500 grants to projects based in Canberra from the arts, crafts, design, humanities and science. Get involved!

Nations Connect

Nations Connect is a one stop information hub for all Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Australian to utilise when sourcing information on services, programs and Indigenous businesses.

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