The CBR Innovation Network has an opportunity to showcase Canberra’s innovation ecosystem to a global community of practitioners from industry, startups, academia, risk capital and government at the upcoming Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Innovation Ecosystem (iEcosystem) Symposium in Boston on 12-13th October 2017.

Those who live in Canberra or have a soft spot for this city will know that it is one of a kind. Canberra has a unique environment for collaboration, unrivalled to anywhere else; the easy access to multi layers of government and world class education and research institutions make this city a hotbed for innovation and business growth.

The goal of the symposium is to learn from other innovation ecosystems from around the world and to maximise collective impact in researching and best practice.

CEO of the CBR Innovation Network, Petr Adamek will be taking part in this symposium, highlighting our key strengths, with a focus around empowering entrepreneurs and creatives by capability building, business growth and collaboration.

The CBR Innovation Network will be representing Canberra alongside three other Australian innovation hubs including;

The CBR Innovation Network opened its doors in November 2014 and to date houses and collaborates with 12 programs, has had more than 24,000 visitors and has helped more than 800 budding entrepreneurs and SMEs through its lean innovation focused education.

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