Pitching at First Wednesday Connect

The four innovative entrepreneurial startup companies who have been chosen to participate in the GRIFFIN Accelerator this year are set to pitch to investors at a joint event with Capital Angels on the 13th September 2017. They hope to raise funds to enable them to expand their efforts to take their innovations to the world as high growth startups.

The GRIFFIN Accelerator is a three-month intensive program run by experienced Canberra entrepreneurs who invest in, host, teach and mentor selected startups to create successful businesses with the help of the CBR Innovation Network.

Selected from 125 expressions of interest, the four startups received $25,000 initial investment from the GRIFFIN mentors then had three months of intensive work with the mentors.

“It’s exciting working with four such very different businesses, each aiming to make people’s lives better. Its more exciting to see how much progress they are making. Additional capital can help them to grow faster and take these Canberra innovations to the world” Dr. Craig Davis, CEO and Co-founder, GRIFFIN Accelerator.

The four companies who will pitch to investors include Juxtapus, a music technology company creating tools for music creation, StakOne, a software service to make the hospitality industry a better and more productive place to work, EmuDent, a new technology enabling dentists to perform procedures with greater precision, and lastly Brain Changer, a simple product based on established science that is  helping people recover from chronic pain.

The dedicated team at GRIFFIN are also proud to announce an above average national percentage of female founder participants for its 2017 program at 25%.

By connecting startup businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs to what they need to succeed and grow, both nationally and internationally whilst encouraging collaboration, teams from previous GRIFFIN cohorts have now raised $3.5M and investors value them at $20M.

The CBR Innovation Network supports and promotes innovation in Canberra and it is uniquely placed to be at the forefront of innovation in Australia.

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