The World Economic Forum has named Canberra company QuintessenceLabs as a technology pioneer at the World Economic Forum, for their quantum cyber-security technology.

In this modern age of technology, cloud databases and social media, the lives of many individuals, companies and organisations have been much easier to infiltrate, access and attack, due to the easy access to data, through technology.

QuintessenceLabs is a successful cyber-security firm that saw an opportunity and tapped into that market. QuintessenceLabs was created by physicists at ANU, as a commercial venture in 2008, where they worked closely with academic facilities, banking and government to keep them safe from impending cyber-attacks. Run by an innovative and entrepreneurial mind, Vikram Sharma, founder and CEO, created a company that had the potential to compete and successfully provide their services on the global scale.

Their success lies with how they’re able to connect researchers who are at the forefront of quantum network, to companies. This partnership has allowed to break incredible boundaries and leaps into the future, to find a way to create a security network that is unbreakable. Since leaving the ANU in 2014, they’ve received interest from Westpac, high-wealth investors, expanded their office into the US and have high hopes for more international expansion.

“Safeguarding our most valuable resource — information — has never been more critical. We’re seeing continued escalation in the sophistication and frequency of cyber-attacks and data breaches by well-resourced cybercriminals and nation-states”. Vikram Sharma, QuintessenceLabs Founder and CEO

The World Economic Forum, selected companies based on their potential to transform society and industry, choosing 61 of the most promising technology pioneers for 2018. Congratulations to QuintessenceLabs!

Read more about their success here

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