Money for new ideas and solutions for Canberra companies

  • $264,000 grant funding awarded to nine (9) local innovative businesses to assist their vision become a reality in the latest round of Innovation Connect.
  • Since the Innovation Connect grant program commenced in 2008 more than 300 companies have been supported.
  • Next round of funding opens 7 February 2024.

Through the Innovation Connect program, matched grant funds of up to $30,000 has been awarded to nine Canberra innovators to make their ideas become a reality. All of the funded projects highlight the creativity and innovation of Canberrans looking for inspired solutions to everyday challenges.

In partnership with the ACT Government, the Canberra Innovation Network delivers ICON to provide early-stage businesses an opportunity to receive matched funding between $10,000-$30,000 to support the market testing, prototyping, patenting and commercial feasibility of the recipient’s concept.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr says,

“The Innovation Connect grants program plays an important role in bringing to life some of Canberra’s brightest ideas. Integral to our innovation ecosystem, ICON continues to help shape the future of innovation in the city.

 I look forward to seeing more incredible and innovative businesses emerge this year as a result of the Innovation Connect grants program.

 Congratulations to the nine businesses who were successful through the last round of grant funding, and good luck to those who apply for this round.”

The Canberra Innovation Network aims to empower entrepreneurs and businesses to build on Canberra’s excellence in research and innovation to create social and economic benefits for all citizens. More than 10,000 visitors engage with the network every year through events, programs, and innovation-focused educational courses the network supports and runs.

Sharyn Smith, COO of the Canberra Innovation Network says,

 “The Canberra community can be very proud of the incredible innovations that continue to be developed by the clever minds of the city. The Innovation Connect grant provides an important boost for the recipients to progress the development of their product or service to the next stage. We can all look forward to seeing the great things that await them. “

The October 2023 Innovation Connect Grant Recipients:

  • Dragonfly Thinking – Dragonfly Thinking revolutionises problem-solving for policy and business leaders by introducing innovative AI-driven visual tools and techniques, enabling a more flexible and agile approach to complex problem analysis and intervention.
  • Endless Australia – Endless Australia pioneers the creation of premium, eco-friendly skateboard decks using 100% recycled and recyclable plastic bottle lids, catering to environmentally-conscious skateboarders and collectors seeking sustainable, Australian-made alternatives in the adrenaline sports industry.
  • HOSKING Bikes – Hosking Bikes, founded by former professional cyclist Chloe Hosking and her husband Jack Lindsay, is a pioneering bike brand aiming to make cycling more accessible, offering affordable and customizable bike options while advocating for inclusivity and greater representation of women in the cycling industry.
  • Mobile shower commodes – Mobile Shower Commodes offer a range of accessible commodes designed to prevent falls and enable safe showering for people with disabilities and the elderly, providing a cost-effective solution for home care and hospital discharge needs globally.
  • SocialProtect SocialProtect is a platform that automatically removes abusive comments from users’ social media posts, providing real-time protection against online abuse for individuals and organizations, with a focus on enhancing the online experience and mental well-being of users.
  • TaperMate – TaperMate is a mobile app that empowers users worldwide to safely taper off medications causing withdrawal symptoms by providing evidence-based information, customizable tapering plans, symptom tracking, and access to expert advice and peer support.
  • Traceably – Traceably enables digital teams to seamlessly collaborate and design human centric digital solutions and services.
  • Waste Check Systems – WasteCheck offers an innovative IoT bulk bin weighing system for the commercial and industrial property sector, providing real-time waste weight data to enhance sustainability tracking and reduce excess waste charges.
  • Yarn – Yarn is a digital health platform addressing long speech pathology wait times, offering fun, evidence-based programs for children with speech and language difficulties, and empowering parents to take action.

To find out more about Innovation Connect book an intro meeting. The next round of the Innovation Connect Grants is open for applications on 7 February 2024.