people at First Wednesday Connect

Event details:

  • Wednesday 7th March
  • King & Wood Mallesons, 7 London Circuit.
  • Event Partners: King & Wood Mallesons

Speakers list:

  • MC: Bryden Campbell
  • Keynote: Annabel Griffin, King & Wood Mallesons
  • Madison Hartill-Law, SCI ART CBR
  • Jessica May, Enabled Employment
  • Samantha Draper, STEM Sells
  • Liam O’Duibhir, AgTech
  • Peta Stamell, Little Products
  • Anna-Sophie Jurgens, Circus and Science
  • Simon Gemmel, Prose Legal
  • Monica Penders, The Film Distillery
  • Sarah Pearson, Innovation Xchange
  • Justin Butterworth, Snug
  • Atlas, TechBroker
  • Megan Gilmour, The Art of Agency
  • Petr Adamek, CBR Innovation Network

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