people at First Wednesday Connect

Event details:

  • Wednesday 5th September 2018
  • Canberra Innovation Network
  • Event Partners: Canberra Region

Speakers list:

  • Alan Tse, Altina Drinks (Canberra, ACT)
  • Scott Harris, Scott Harris & Associates (Jindabyne, NSW)
  • Duncan Isaksen-Loxton, Snowy Mountains Innovation Network (Jindabyne, NSW)
  • Michael Phillips, Regional Expert in Residence (Canberra Region)
  • Beth Taylor, Snowy Mountains Babysitting (Jindabyne, NSW)
  • James Robinson, CSIRO Innovations Connect (Canberra, ACT)
  • Omar Zuaiter, Emudent (Canberra, ACT)
  • Robert Issell, Xcllusive Business Sales (Canberra, ACT)
  • Alix O’Hara, Mashblox (Canberra, ACT)
  • Owen Atkin, Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology (Canberra, ACT)
  • Jaemin Frazer, Insecurity Project (Goulburn, NSW)
  • Richard Hume, Investor Masterclass Workshop (Canberra, ACT)
  • Fiona Porteous, Bent Shed Produce (Southern Highlands, NSW)
  • John Garrett, Nontox (Orange, NSW)
  • Michael Tomlinson, Pointsbuild (Hilltops, NSW)
  • Petr Adamek, Canberra Innovation Network

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