We see entrepreneurs working around the clock for a few years establishing their business. The founders of the business are responsible for operations, strategy, sales, HR, finance and everything else.

There comes a time when it is likely to be getting harder to fit everything in and the initial fast growth may slow down a bit. The business is employing more people, the management team is caught up in day to day operations and it is becoming harder to make decisions about what comes next.

So, what does come next? We had a chat with our Business Ninja and SME Specialist Liz Kobold about how the Canberra Innovation Network helps later stage startups and businesses scale up rapidly.

Tell us about the KILN Incubator?

The KILN Incubator is one of many programs on offer at the Canberra Innovation Network. Our goal is help you create a high growth innovative company through coaching, mentoring, access to events and community, marketing, PR and other customised expert assistance.

The great thing about this program is, it is not fixed, we target assistance to your needs. More importantly, we do not solve your problems, we empower you and your team to find solutions.

“I understand how important it is for founders to bounce off ideas with smart people experienced in the startup game and listen to their sometimes-different points of view. And that is what I value most on the KILN experience. If you are serious about building a business I can highly recommend the team at KILN to help get you there fast”. Matt Bullock, Founder and CEO, Spinify

Is there an eligibility requirement for startups and SMEs to join the program?

We are looking to work with ambitious entrepreneurs, who are passionate and driven to scale their business globally.

The business must be innovative and past prototype stage and into market with customers and revenue.

The KILN Incubator is open to startups and business from a broad range of industries. Currently in the incubator program we have businesses from energy, sports-tech, health, agriculture, gamification for productivity, cyber security and defence.

What are some of the key areas where the KILN incubator can help startups and SMEs?

Our team of experienced entrepreneurs can help you to:

  • Identify key challenges for your business; resourcing, marketing, manufacturing, export.
  • Help you meet the market opportunity that you can grow fast.
  • Understand capital and funding opportunities and how you can leverage them for your company growth.
  • Implement key innovation methods to make more progress.
  • Build your team beyond initial founders.
  • Develop your skills as a founder and/or manager (use us as a sounding board and peer support).
  • Scale up sales into national and global markets.
  • Connect to the right advisors, business and industry experts and leverage them for your business growth.
  • Become highly-disciplined in focusing on growth/progress.
  • Effectively make and use connections through your and our networks.
  • Access our regular brains trust sessions with a diverse group of experienced entrepreneurial business people to provide you with feedback, support and connections.

“Without the network, the whole process would have been slower, or we would have made more time costly errors and potentially missed the market. CBRIN has definitely helped us think more commercially and get new products to market faster”. Heather Lawton, CEO Gymaware

If you are interested in the support that the KILN Incubator can provide please get in touch with our SME Director, Liz Kobold on 0409 741 337 or via email Liz.Kobold@cbrin.com.au

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