Ecospectral, a Canberra startup, has been awarded $110,000 from the Australian Government under its Smart Cities and Suburbs program to help deliver better outcomes for the Woden Town Centre and local community.

The Smart Precinct Woden project proposed by Ecospectral came about through an aspiration of seeing the Town Centre become the smartest precinct in the country – not just Canberra!

Ecospectral’s unique BRIM system is all about creating smart, efficient cities that can apply benefits to the whole community.  The sensor technology will allow energy systems to be automatically adjusted in response to usage, leading to reduced energy consumption and the analytics on usage will lead to improved safety and security for the community.

David Keightley, CEO Ecospectral says “there are so many reasons to be excited about this pilot project. It gives us a great site to introduce our second-generation solution.  We can make a significant contribution to achieving the city’s renewable energy targets and we can help Canberrans feel that their built environment responds to them – rather than the other way around. This means our city will be even more liveable!”

Ecospectral is a Canberra based startup company which came about from CEO’s David Keightley’s personal frustration living in Washington DC and being subject to frequent power outages.

I lived close to the White House and I couldn’t believe how vulnerable their energy system was. I was tired of reading by candle light in the 21st century, so I thought ‘what if my house used energy according to where I was and what I was doing and stored it for when the power went out?’ So that’s what I did. I built it for my home and engineered it so it would scale. Now it’s the BRIM system for smart cities.”

To read more about the announcement, visit ecospectral.com

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