Matt Bullock speaking at a Canberra Innovation Network event

People are the key driver of business success. Having a motivated team that is highly focused and performs at a peak level is so critical for every manager. Motivating people is not an easy task and there is no simple formula; money does not cut it any more. Organisations compete to create the best work environments and culture that accelerates performance.  But people often value things that seem to be adversely related to performance – such as having relaxation zones, social and sports activities, etc. Is there a way how teams can enjoy having some fun while they deliver to their business objectives at a peak level at the same time?

This has been on the mind of a Canberra patriot and serial entrepreneur Matt Bullock for quite some time. Matt founded eWAY, a successful payment gateway company which he sold to Fortune 500 company Global Payments in early 2016. He started his new venture Spinify on the same day he walked out from his CEO office of eWAY, a company he founded almost two decades ago.

Spinify allows business customers to create, deploy and manage lively leaderboards that keep individuals and teams focused and excited about the delivery of their day-to-day KPIs. Spinify gamifies performance like no other platform – it connects across a variety of devices and builds on a deep understanding of human motivation. Spinify keeps evolving its functionality and introducing surprising moments to keep everyone fully engaged. When Matt first showcased the platform at 2016 Dreamforce in San Francisco last year, the solution drew a lot of attention from companies across every industry.

Although Matt is an experienced entrepreneur and mentors other startups himself, he joined our KILN incubator program to accelerate Spinify’s path to global domination. Matt and his team work with our entrepreneurs in residence and business advisors to ensure that Spinify is on the best possible growth journey. Time is an essential resource in a fast-moving knowledge economy and one that less experienced entrepreneurs often forget to value.

"The world needs more startups, just do it and make a difference to your life, to your families lives and to lots of other peoples lives. Become a startup!"

Matt is very passionate about startups and global growth and his success is being recognised in Australia and around the world.  Motivation and perseverance have been key for Matt’s success as it is not only important for staff at work but also for entrepreneurs who are trying to change the world and often find themselves on a rollercoaster ride.

Here is a message from Matt to all considering the startup journey.

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