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If you’re an entrepreneur, you may be eligible for a $1500 discount.

Sylvia Tulloch brings her extensive expertise in deep technology and global businesses and has provided those of us at Wildlife Drones with invaluable support, guidance and wisdom throughout our startup journey. When seeking her advice, we always come away with at least triple the insights that we were expecting to gain. She is a delight to work with and we look forward to continuing to work with her well into the future

Debbie Saunders
Founder, Wildlife Drones

If you are fortunate enough to have Lyndal Thorburn as a mentor, you will grow as an entrepreneur without question. Lyndal quickly identifies your strengths and encourages them, while giving you the systems and advice to work on your blindspots

Paul Jenkins
Founder, Vibe Dynamics

Skykraft is fortunate to have the support of expert mentors and advisors, chief among whom is Anne-Marie Perret. Anne-Marie has been an ongoing supporter and champion of Skykraft’s Satellite Constellation business from the early days, including as a long-term Director. Her astute judgement and strong teamwork are treasured by the company.

Craig Benson
Founder, Skykraft