There are more than 10 companies scaling up to make global impact in the KILN Incubator. These companies have access to world class resources, mentors and access to pitching into new markets through international delegations.

Here are just a few of the companies who are scaling up rapidly.

Spinify (startup) is an online platform that provides workforce’s who focus in customer sales with a gamified competitive environment through interactive activity leaderboards and dashboards.

Gymaware (startup) has designed and built a weights room performance measurement device that accurately records barbell velocity and power.

Cogito Group (SME) is a cyber security company that provides larger organisations (governments) with data integrity, authentication, non-repudiation, and confidentiality solutions.

Elementice (startup) develops and sells innovative technology for professional photographers to improve their customer’s experience and brand exposure during important event photography.

The Mullion Group (SME) provide consulting and software that help national governments to local projects measure and project land-based greenhouse gas emissions and removals.

SignOnSite (startup) is a Software as a Service solution provider delivering work health and safety applications in the construction industry.

Card Castle (startup) uses a proprietary algorithm and a cloud platform to allow collectors of the Magic: The Gathering card game to quickly digitise, store and receive a valuation on their collections. They also develop a robot to assist stores in quickly sorting massive cards collections.

StakOne (startup) delivers a hospitality staff task management software system where tasks can be assigned to individuals, or those within certain designations, and the completion of these tasks can be monitored in real time.

Brain Changer (startup) is a card and app-based system designed to help people with chronic pain. The software assists patients by using science-based methods that exploit the neuroplasticity properties of human brain (planned activities, biofeedback, etc.) to reduce sensation of pain over time.

Dentroid (startup) have designed a patented dentistry device which allows a qualified dentist operator to perform diagnostics and simple procedures, like root canals, remotely from any location with a connection to the internet around the world.

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