Woman in Innovation: Summer Edwards
"Everyone has a valuable contribution, with their talents and within their constraints."

Each Wednesday we interview women in our community about innovation and what drives them to make a difference in their industries everyday!

Why is innovation important to you? 
Innovation is important to me as a critical tool for social change. Solutions to complex and intractable social challenges can only come from fresh approaches that innovation can provide. Aside from social innovation, innovation in technology is also proving a powerful enabler for social change.

What drives you to make a difference? 
My drive is deeply connected to my identity, as a working mother, as someone who experienced childhood poverty, and with experience as a family mental health carer. Everyone has a valuable contribution, with their talents and within their constraints. As a social innovator I am creating more space for these contributions.

Do you have any advice for getting more women into the innovation ecosystem? 
Innovation is not only about technology start-ups. Of course, we want to see more women and girls in technology innovation too. But we also need to broaden the conversation about innovation to enable more women to see themselves as innovators and see how they can fit within the innovation ecosystem.

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